(Robert C. Hudson)


 Rev. Robert Hudson was born the eighth of eleven children to a Baptist pastor  and his wife.  He has been married to Rosie (nee Weston) for thirty two years and  they have one daughter, Deanna Rose Hudson, and two sons, Charles Matthew  and Emmanuel James, and one grandson, Caleb Jordan Hudson.

 Rev. Hudson has served as an ordained minister for over twenty years.  He was   an ordained deacon for five years prior to that.  During the past twenty two years,  he developed and presented numerous seminars with topics ranging from prayer  to marriage and family life.  He also developed and delivered programs for  training deacons and disciples.  He is a Certified Instructor with the Sunday  School Publishing Board and has taught classes at the church, district, and state  levels.  He is a member of the Morning Star M. B. C. where he formally served as  Chairman of the Deacon Board, Teacher of the Men’s Sunday School Class,  Director of Missions and Evangelism, and many other areas.  Rev. Hudson  served previously as the Assistant Director of the 13th District Congress of Christian Education and Assistant Executive Secretary of the Parent Body.  He has served for over four years on the Finance Committee of the Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention.

Rev. Hudson received his high school education from McCall High School in Tallulah, LA.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering.  He graduated with a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1980, and a PhD in Religious Counseling from Louisiana Baptist University in 2002.  

Rev. Hudson was an Assistant Professor in the Science and Technology Department of Southern University at Shreveport for ten and a half years.  For fifteen years, Rev. Hudson worked as a Product and Process Design
Engineer  and seven years as a Manager and Director of Technology Development and Human Resource Planning and Development for Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, and Avaya, Inc.  He is the president and owner of The Gospel Shop, LLC.

In 2004, Rev. Hudson was called as Pastor of the Paradise Baptist Church and has served in that capacity for over ten years.  He was elected Moderator of the 13th District Missionary Baptist Association in 2010.  He was recently re-elected to serve a second term.