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13th District Congress of Christian Education

In July of 1955 at the Trinity Baptist Church during the annual session of the 13th District Sunday School Convention, Bro. E.D. Sims who was president of the Sunday School Convention, along with Bro. Sanders Miles, Bro. David Small and Bro. M.D. Flanagan stood under a tree and discussed the possibility of having a fall Leadership Christian Education School. Bro. David Small was serving as Dean of the Convention was asked if he could work out a standard school which would meet the approval of the Department of Christian Education of the Sunday School Publishing Board.

Bro. Small stated that he would do his best but, he was assured that there was nothing but faith to start with. He took the responsibility and went forth to set up the school. The president, Bro. Sims called a meeting of all superintendents of the district in August 1955 and put before them the idea of a school, which the superintendents accepted. He then asked Dean Small to give a report of the details which had been worked out. Ten courses were offered. The first year 217 people registered in the school. Each school donated a small fee of $16.00 to aid in its operation. Of the 217 persons who registered 147 received credit cards. The first Sunday in November, commencement exercises were held in which Rev. V.F. Washington delivered the sermon to those who were in attendance. From that year forward, President Sims and Dean Small worked, prayed, and struggled to make this not only a school but a Congress which we can attribute to the success it is today. More than 950 course cards were issued and sixty-nine first, second and third Certificates of Progress were issued between 1956—1962.

 The first joint session of the 13th District Congress of Christian Education was held with the 13th District Missionary Baptist Association in October 20-24, 2002 under the leadership of Dr. Murphy L. Hunt, Moderator. It was held at the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church.

 From its initial launching as of October 29—November 4, 1956, the 13th District Missionary Baptist Congress of Christian Education has served as a major arm of the 13th District    Missionary Baptist Association. The first six annual sessions were sponsored through the 13th District Sunday School Convention.

Summarization of the Congress of Christian Education

                             President of Congress title changed to Director in 2006                                       
                                               Original Congress information is from the archives of Sis. Versie Mae Malone                                                 
A special thanks to Dea. Ernest L. Williams and Sis. Odessa White for obtaining information.