13th District Congress of Christian Education

Education in the local church enables the congregation in many ways.  The process is  an   ongoing one, in that it helps to make disciples, it matures members in the Word of God and serves as a basis for practical application in daily living.  All ministries in the local church are enhanced by the educational process.  The proclamation of the Word is indeed the most    important function in our worship experience.  However, we must study the Word of God for a deeper understanding in order that the Holy Spirit will reveal its mysteries unto us.

Our mission for the church is to go and make disciples.  Every effort of our being should be that of enabling the members to grow and mature in God’s Word.  What are we trying to do in our educational ministry?  The ultimate purpose of the educational ministry, according to Bruce Power is “to develop within members an understanding of commitment, and an  ability to practice Christian teachings.”  Christian education is an ongoing effort of believers who seeks to understand and practice the ways of God.

It is our intent, through the 13th District Association Congress of Christian Education, to assist members in discovering the profound truths of the Christian faith.  We will adhere to the “Great Commission,” teach, baptize, and make disciples.

Statement of Goals/Objectives
Christian Education is a learning process, grounded in theology and scripture, whose goal is to enable members to learn of  God  through  an  educational process.  The goal of Christian  Education is to help members know God’s love as it is revealed in Jesus Christ.

To affirm the foundations of its teaching ministry

To plan for the most effective teaching ministry

To develop leaders for a variety of ministries

To nurture members in Christian growth